Downsizing is something we all need to do periodically. Life cycles, our roommates, and our personal needs change and often make sense to repurpose an existing room to something that makes more sense rather than moving.
It is easy to get overwhelmed with where to start and how to proceed. Call today for a free phone consultation to explore this option and schedule one-on-one facetime coaching through the process.

On site and in person estimates can be provided as well, however I have found 30 minute coaching sessions where I provide direction and work with you on a weekly basis for the month is an effective and affordable way to re-design a room. 

AUTUMN SPECIAL PACKAGE; Spreading Autumn LOVE & THANKSGIVING with a Zoom Room Redesign
(30 minutes) Coaching.
Redesign any room that isn't functioning as well utilizing what you already own. Additional original art work and accessories can be purchased directly if desired for your project needs.
Get your project done this month with scheduled
weekly professional coaching to follow you through to project completion. Create a room you and your friends will love to spend time in! 

             Downsizing 101

Click below to schedule via email or to call for your free phone consultation today so that I may personally answer any questions about this or any service.