Pricing & Locations

Serving South Jersey and YOU.

Decorating a space for a room re-design is $75 consultation and cost estimate for implementation can be provided if desired.

Staging for Vacant or Redesign of Occupied Properties.  $125 for Evaluations with recommendations.  Staging Price Cost and Scope of Work is Determined By; target audience, location, size, and number of rooms to stage.

Professional Help Organizing, Decorating, Downsizing, & Clearing Clutter $40 to $75/hour depending on area and the number of hours for projects.

Due to coronavirus concerns, Virtual Consultations are now available.

Please note, if my help is needed on site that mask and gloves are used and social distancing is implemented.  Most rooms can be decorated or organized and decluttered in half a day with a noticeable difference made.  

I strive to make spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing and to reflect the homeowners tastes and current collections and belongings where appropriate.  It is very important to me to keep things affordable and to stay within clients budgets.   Decorating or staging doesn't have to be expensive, but a good solid plan is step one.  Don't put off making your space more comfortable and functional especially during this period of social distancing and staying at home.  Let me help you love and enjoy your space and reach your goals quickly and affordably.  Call today to discuss your needs.

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