Information about me... 


I have learned how important it is to stage a property when selling, and also what a difference organization and clearing your space can have on your peace of mind and happiness. When selling a home, I provide clients the service of helping to downsize, clear, and get the property market and photo ready. If you need help cleaning and clearing clutter please call me. I am often found working side by side with my cousin Carol helping clients to do this. I have seen the dramatic difference it makes when clients clear their spaces. If you are looking to park your car in your garage again, move, or re-create your space into something more functional, peaceful, and calm so you can always be company ready; please give us a call for a free re-style consultation.


Some of my favorite pastimes include yoga, painting, and cooking. I love organizing, cleaning & clearing spaces, and decorating, and most importantly helping others to do this!

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